Hexagon invests in local manufacturing company

Hexagon invests in CeDURHexagon is pleased to announce its investment in CeDUR, a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial and architectural synthetic roofing materials. 

Brian Fleischmann, Hexagon’s EVP and Chief Financial Officer said, “CeDUR’s line of roofing materials are best-in-class and Hexagon is proud to invest in a Colorado company that is making a difference in the local economy and the environment.” 

CeDUR’s engineered line of polyurethane roofing materials provides long-term roofing sustainability and extreme fire and impact resistance for roofing applications.

“Our shakes are developed to provide architects and property owners with a roofing system that truly represents the most authentic wood look, tone, texture and shake appearance,” says David Dalton, Vice President at CeDUR. “Our polyurethane roofing shakes provide standalone Class A fire safety without the need for a special fire-resistant underlayment, which provides peace of mind for architects and property owners in high fire danger areas.”

Designed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions found in the Western United States, the engineered polyurethane roofing shakes accommodate purposes ranging from custom home builds, single family homes and architectural projects, to historical and commercial projects.

Find out more information about CeDUR here