Update on Hexagon’s direct investments portfolio

Direct investment in HepQuantAt Hexagon, we continue to apply decades of experience to build and diversify a robust portfolio of direct investments. Many of our direct investments are at the forefront of health care, biopharmaceuticals and technology with the potential to significantly improve the quality of life. 

Colorado-based company, HepQuant, LLC is one of those investments. The company’s unique, patented and patent-pending technology is designed to improve upon current liver health assessment tools and empower patients to better manage therapy and care options.

Just this past month, the company received approval to begin clinical trials of its SHUNT Liver Diagnostic Kit from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under an Investigational Device Exemption. The kit is being studied to evaluate its potential for improved assessment of liver function that would provide opportunities to optimize clinical management of patients with chronic liver disease.

Hexagon is optimistic in the possible impact this emerging technology can have on improving health care options for patients battling chronic liver disease right here in Colorado and across the globe.